Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time flies.

It feels like we just got back from Morocco, but in exactly one week we will be heading off to Rome and Florence! I have never been to Italy so I am really excited, and Craig will be there to hopefully show us around so I am excited to catch up with him. I am betting that we will get a fun perspective from him. :)

Nothing too exciting has been going on here. Going to class. Keeping up with good ole American politics, etc. I gave my powerpoint presentation on Friday in my Women's Studies class about the roles of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin in the current election. It was uh...interesting to compare the two. 

I have to say that though both parties in this election have stooped to misleading ads and hard punches, but the McCain campaign is getting dirtier by the day. Out of desperation and lack of any substance relating to the economy, they have definitely latched on to the 'kitchen sink' strategy. It is repulsive that people at McCain rallies in the last week have been caught yelling "terrorist!" and "kill him!" about Obama. What's worse, however, is the fact that McCain and Palin have both chosen to completely ignore these disgusting remarks made by there supporters. I understand that people will say what they want, but McCain and Palin need to use what decency they have left and say "You know what, no. That is not okay to call him that." Instead they are letting their crowds run rampant with the anger of an impending loss. I find it truly despicable. 

Anywho, enough on that. For now, that is. Two more classes and a few brief assignments this week and I will be done with half of the semester! This is a little scary because I don't really feel like I have done a whole lot of school work, but let's just hope it all works out in the end. :)

Ciao for now!

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Craig said...

I will provide an interesting perspective, worry not. And I know the good sites now really. And how to get everywhere. Can't forget that.

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.