Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marrakesh Express.

So...we are leaving for our first big adventure tomorrow. Marrakech, Morocco here we come! I am really excited. I am pretty sure it will be nothing like anywhere I have ever been, which is great. It will also be in the 80s while we are there, which I have to say, will be a nice change. No doubt we will freeze when we come back to Tampere. 

Nothing too exciting to update on from here. We are definitely getting into the routine of things more now. My classes have been enjoyable and the reading for my book exams is manageable so far. Everyone in the building is becoming good friends now, so that's really fun. We have been having a lot of movie nights in the main building because no one ever has anything to do on weeknights. I am pushing for Good Will Hunting tonight. 

Today the weather was actually quite nice and sunny. We went to school and ate a boring lunch and then had to print out stuff for our trip and our 'request for absentee ballot' forms. Hopefully those will go through okay and we will get our ballots in plenty of time. Our friend Isaac from London watched Sarah Palin's interview on ABC and let's just say he was pretty shocked and baffled. That's all I will say. 

Next time I post will probably be from Marrakesh! (If I can use a computer)

Just another reminder of how expensive things are here. Yes, that is the price. In Euros. For nail polish.

The colors are starting to change here and we happened upon these lovely trees on our walk to the bus stop this morning. (Okay, it was more like early afternoon.)

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