Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not good.

Just had a little chit-chat with Orbitz about changing my plane ticket home. See, originally my parents were going to come over to Paris or something for Christmas this year and then I was going to come back to Tampere and fly home on December 28th. Problem crisis hits and boom, my parents can no longer afford to come. I had come to terms with the fact that I would just fly home a week earlier and spend Christmas at home. No problem, I know that by then I will probably be exhausted and actually appreciate just being home.

So today I called up orbitz to see if I could change my ticket. Well, because I have paper tickets ( I don't know why I do), they can't change it over the phone. I have to go to the Scandinavian Airlines desk at the Tampere airport (the most inefficient, understaffed airport I have ever been to) to get it changed. Now, I don't know how they calculate these things, but I just looked up a one-way ticket home on December 21st and it was 1,800 dollars. NOT GOOD. If they take my original ticket, cut the price in half and replace that fare with the one-way fare and then add on the ticket change fee, it could cost me 1,400 dollars EXTRA just to fly home. :(

Now, if luck is on my side, that will not be how they calculate it. Because at that price, my parents could either decide that maybe it would be worth it to come instead of throw away 1,400 dollars. If not, it looks like I might have to stay here for Christmas, or go travel somewhere by myself or something. Does anyone know anyone else who is studying abroad and staying somewhere for Christmas? Eek. This is not good. It seems silly to throw away that much money. Hopefully it will not be that much money.

Nonetheless, I am a bit exasperated right now.

In other news, we leave for Marrakech on Wednesday, yay!

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