Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stuck inside with the stuffy nose blues.

I haven't updated in a while. This is mostly due to the fact that I have not done anything very exciting in the last week because I sadly came down with a cold on Wednesday. So...because I don't have any class from Wednesday until Monday, I have mostly been camped out here on my bed drinking the chicken noodle soup that miraculously arrived from my mother in the nick of time and watching old episodes of 30Rock on the internet. If you have never seen that show (by miss Tina Fey), you should. It's funny. I plan to finish the first season this evening and perhaps start the second tomorrow if I am still cooped up. That picture up there is our school, by the way.

The group has started to have spontaneous movie nights because it seems that, like us, many of them have excess free time to use up. Sunday we watched Evan Almighty (meh) and Hot Fuzz. I had heard really good things about Hot Fuzz, but I was sleepy and I didn't really get the humor so I left and went to bed. Tuesday, per my suggestion, we watched Breach. I have seen it three times now and I think it might have to go into my favorite movies now. Everyone else loved it, too. I'm surprised it never got nominated for anything. Wednesday we went to a residents meeting for Peltolammi, which was...interesting. However, there were free snacks. 

Other than that, I have been here in the apartment trying to amuse myself by watching whatever shows I can find online and keeping up with the political scene. I watched Sarah Palin avoid all kinds of questions in her interview with Charles Gibson. She was definitely well coached, but she never gave a direct answer and kept calling Charles "Charlie," as if calling him that would make her more well-liked, which it does not. Again, she tried to bolster her 'foreign policy credentials' by saying that in some parts of Alaska you can actually see Russia! OMG! Clearly that makes her an expert on foreign relations. I'm pretty sure the part she can see is an icy wasteland with a few deer moseying around. She has also never even met a head-of-state, not a good sign. Of course, Sarah Palin thought that probably most VP picks have had the same answer. Yeah, right. I don't know if this thing should even be called an interview. It was basically her spewing off whatever the McCain camp told her to say no matter what question she was actually asked. When Gibson asked her what she thought of the Bush Doctrine, she clearly had no idea what he was talking about. She must have such amazing foreign policy experience!

McCain was also on The View yesterday and he was torn to shreds. Justifiably so. It was evident that everyone but Elisabeth Hasselbeck was annoyed with his inability to answer questions. He tried to pull the "change" crap that the GOP has adopted in the past week, saying that Sarah Palin was going to reform "all of Washington!" When Barbara Walters inquired as to how she might do that, he stuttered that by golly she was a reformer! It's the same crap as always and I can't believe half the country is falling for it. I don't know how the GOP thinks they can get away with spouting "CHANGE!" when they have absolutely nothing to say that they won't do exactly what Bush has done to our country. It's preposterous. I also stumbled upon a video of Joe Biden on Meet The Press, and what a difference. I didn't know much about him when he was announced as Obama's VP pick, but the more I see of him, the more I understand why he was chosen. He has enormous experience, which (contrary to what the GOP is saying) IS a good thing. He is an expert of foreign policy and he also, to put it quite simply, knows what he's talking about. I have seen him in quite a few live campaign stops as well, and when he is asked a question, no matter what it's about, he is right there, on point. He never hesitates and he has specific answers for every person's individual question. 

Anyway, enough politics for now. I have been on a Bob Dylan binge lately. I think it's comforting over here, to have such americana playing in the speakers. :) I am also really enjoying Bon Iver. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out. It's unfortunate that the only concerts that come to Finland are heavy metal. Boo.

We went to the lake at daytime last weekend, so here are some photos for you!

Pretty, huh?

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