Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday outing.

I was going a little stir crazy yesterday from being cooped up in the house with my cold. Meg found this waffle place/coffee shop online that was supposedly really good, so we decided to go there this morning (well, almost afternoon) and get some waffles! The place was tiny and a little out of the way, but quite adorable. They have all kinds of waffles. They have your normal sweet waffles with berries and fruit, and they also have quite a selection of savory waffles (the taco waffle looked particularly intriguing), and even an ice cream waffle! They are also about 3-5 euros, which is a pretty good deal for any meal around here. I got an apple/nectarine waffle and Meg got one with jam and goat cheese. They were both delicious.

After that, we decided we would go get coffee and try to get some studying done. We went to a coffee shop in the main square that was big, but still cozy. I delved into my environmental studies book called "Comfort, Cleanliness, Convenience." Haha. It's definitely a bit dense and wordy, but it's digestible and only about 200 pages so it shouldn't be too bad. I discovered that they did in fact have Chai Latt├ęs, so I splurged and spent three euros on one to keep my reading going. Surprisingly, it was amazingly delicious! I hadn't really seen them anywhere else so I figured they weren't very popular, which sometimes equals not good. But to the contrary it was quite tasty.

Now we are back home and I accidently took a little nap earlier. Whoops. I start my women's studies "Gender in Politics" seminar tomorrow. It is four hours long. Hopefully they will find a miraculous way to make that not seem like an eternity. I think I will need to pack a sandwich.

Also, I found out yesterday that I am going to be a Noisemaker for Asthmatic Kitty Records. They sent out a letter a few weeks ago asking for volunteers who might want to apply, so I did. I think it is basically an organized group of promotional volunteers for the record label. It should be fun! So, I will be a good volunteer and give them a plug on here. Go see their website! Sufjan Stevens is my favorite artist on their label and they also have a lot of music by their artists that you can download for free!

In closing, I hope that all of you saw this skit on SNL last night. Of course, I have no TV, so I only saw it on YouTube, but I think you should watch it. Tina Fey with that accent! Kills me.

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Craig said...


Those waffles look absolutely amazing. I would die for one right now that looked half that good. I have been looking at them once and a while and it just looks so nice . . .